How to leverage the power of nostalgia marketing

Have you noticed lately that it seems as if everything is getting a reboot, for example, Space Jam, Top Gun and even the Motorola Razor. To some people, this ongoing trend of blast from the past might come across as a lack of creativity that banks on the success of past popularity, but we think it goes much deeper than that.

Our branding agency in Dubai suggests that when properly utilised, nostalgia marketing is a highly effective way to excite and targeted audiences and bring forth brand affinity that most consumers will never forget. Aeron Branding’s marketing consultancy Dubai has come up with a list of a few ways to get it right!

Follow the nostalgia trends on social media 

Social media is a melting pot of trending nostalgia, where users can reminisce and feel connected to a wider community of individuals who share the same interests. It is as simple as following the right hashtags, for example #nostalgia is a good place to start to find content and conversations about what audiences miss from the past and the brands that have made a significant impact that has carried on over the years.

As a matter of fact our financial services brand consultancy firms use social listening as a tool to stay connected to social conversations, allowing us to help our clients capitalise on moments when people are invested in their brand’s legacy.

Focus on audience and relevance

To successfully utilize nostalgia marketing as a tool in your strategy, your brand needs to have a good knowledge of what resonates with your target audience. Basically, what makes one group of people feel nostalgic could make another group feel disconnected. Variables like age, interests, and key historical events are factors that influence what we hold dear. At first glance, nostalgia marketing appears to narrow the audience you’re able to target. But at its best, it can drive your brand and legacy in front of new audiences.

Dont force it 

Nostalgia is a powerful emotional experience that makes people feel bonded to their longtime favourite and iconic brands, products, music, movies, etc. These memories are precious to us, so if it’s redesigned or repurposed in a fashion that fans aren’t receptive to, you will hear about it.

Do keep in mind that nostalgia marketing is a tactic and not a long-term business strategy, so the worst thing your brand can do is try to force it when it doesn’t fit. For example, if your business is new and tied to being modern, fresh and innovative, market it that way.

In conclusion

What is important for any brand is that they keep listening to their customers and they base every strategic decision on this. If you need help on finding out what makes your audience nostalgic, our brand design agency in Abu Dhabi will help you start listening and determine what types of content they want to see more of from your brand.


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