Nurturing Culture by Branding the Inside

As a brand consultancy in London, we can say with conviction that company culture sits at the heart of great branding because it is something we have observed and put into practice. What we refer to as ‘branding the inside’ refers to what the company believes vs. what it does, and it is very much what drives employee engagement and commitment to the company’s vision and mission.

You must have heard about the company cultures of tech giants like Google and Netflix, which offer free food, yoga classes, flexible schedules, fun activities, and other perks to their employees. But, let’s face it: small businesses can’t offer the same fringe benefits. They simply don’t have colossal HR teams, expensive budgets, and broad brand recognition like those companies do at their disposal just yet. Therefore, most small businesses have to be “thriftier” in how they build great company cultures.

Our branding Agency in Abu Dhabi is suddenly seeing a surge of companies and their boards are starting to take company culture seriously. Here’s why:

It determines your companys internal and external image. 

The way our branding agency in Dubai approaches it is by telling our clients that company culture is the key identifier of how your organisation operates. Your very own company culture is visible across all aspects of your business because it represents how you conduct business. It’s deeply connected with your identity and your image, which means it determines how your people and customers perceive you.

It positively impacts work performance.

It should be a no-brainer that happy employees result in higher productivity and creativity. Strong company cultures have been proven to cause higher rates of productivity in your workforce. The reason is that employees tend to be more motivated and dedicated to employers who invest in their well-being and happiness.


To wrap this up, these are just a few of the reasons why nurturing your organisational culture is vital. There is much to gain from it and it is a good point of reflection about what your organisation actually brings to the table. If you are stuck with your branding strategy, we encourage you to look inside your organisation and ask yourself if you create guiding principles that your employees will live by on a daily basis and in difficult times. Your company culture is the glue that holds your company together.

If this blog has you thinking, we would be happy to discuss more of the benefits with you. Aeron’s marketing consultancy in Dubai and London is at your disposal and we have helped many leading companies improve their branding strategies, starting with their company culture.


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