Is Purpose-Driven Branding Right For You?

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Purpose driven branding is still proving to be a brand buzzword, every brand seems to wants to be it, whether they are truly purpose-driven or not, because it is profitable. So, how do you know if being purpose-driven is the right approach for your brand?

The short answer to this is our in-depth research in our brand design agency London can tell you. Branding is about building a reputation—it’s about what you say you do—and also about what you really do. How you position yourself in the marketplace should be a balance of grounded, reach and stretch. Aeron’s brand design agency Abu Dhabi’s research can tell you how much permission you have to be purpose-driven. Because if it turns our to be too much stretch for you to be believable as a purpose-driven brand, then you shouldn’t go there—at least until you can change things within your company to make you more authentic.

Our marketing consultancy Dubai has conducted recent research that indicates that today’s consumers are becoming experts in recognizing insincere brands. So unless you are grounded and committed enough, you might want to reconsider your purpose-driven branding ideas—also because those who try to become purpose-driven are either a huge success—or a horrible failure. It’s not worth risking cynicism, boycotting, or backlash if you can’t back up what you say you stand for with what you do throughout your corporation.

When you’re successful at being purpose driven, you can almost guarantee you’ll be successful financially. Because according to our financial services brand consultancy research, nearly 63% of surveyed global consumers prefer to purchase products and services from companies that stand for something that reflects their own values and beliefs, and according to that same research, 62% of consumers want companies to take a stand on the social, cultural, environmental and political issues that they care most about. Before you flaunt your purpose-driven prowess, it’s smart to do research to ensure you have the market’s permission

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