Bahri joining forces across the seas

When two great brands come together, the ability to pool resources, expertise and opportunities opens up a whole world of potential synergy.

However, when two great brands come together, how do they tell their newly-allied story? How do they display their united ambition when they already have strong, distinct and individual identities. This was a challenge we were able to guide leading international shipping company Bahri through, as they were due to embark on not one, but two such journeys.

Working closely with Bahri, we analysed the requirements and repercussions of a conjoined brand and how it should balance the incumbent needs of the parent brands. In the case of both endeavours, Bahri was to be the majority shareholder although this was reflected differently in the resulting identities.









Partnering with Koninklijke Bunge B.V. (“Bunge”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bunge Limited, the two companies formed BahriBunge Dry Bulk Ltd to develop and strengthen the import and export of dry bulk goods into and out of the Middle East. In this instance, the new name was accompanied with a distinct new logo, and was accompanied by the endorsement of both the Bahri Dy Bulk and Bunge logos.


In the joint venture with French forwarding and logistics group Bolloré, officially inaugurated as Bahri Bolloré Logistics, it was possible to take a more streamlined approach. Both parent brands had shared equity with similar colour palettes and bold, sans serif wordmarks. Bahri Bolloré Logistics, therefore, was able to become an extension of the Bahri Logistics brand, incorporating the name and colour of the French partner within the Bahri Logistics logo.



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