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What We Do

Specialising in creating and managing transformative brands, our London brand strategy & design agency helps our clients unlock brand-led growth by focussing on brand strategy, design, marketing, organisational change, analytics and innovation.

Based on fundamental insights, as a leading brand transformation company London we are experts in helping organisations define their brand purpose; a clear, relevant, ownable and defendable territory - which delivers genuine value to customers.

As a digital brand and design consulting firm in London Aeron combines rigorous analytical thinking and compelling creativity with practical application in order to enhance brand and business performance.

Our brand design consultancy in London offers sophisticated brand growth strategies, innovative new product development (NPD) programmes and create standout corporate and product identities.

Our brand design agency in London is well-versed in both strategy and execution; delivering compelling content and activation programmes to act as the vehicle to deliver your brand purpose in a relevant and engaging way.

Aeron Branding is based in LondonDubaiRiyadh and Abu Dhabi.

Brand Insight

Brand Analysis

We build our understanding, using research, study tours, interviews, audit touch points and conduct workshops to explore brands in depth. Read More

This includes communication audits and proprietary analytics approaches.  We also offer Brand Protection using trademark clearance, protection and enforcement to protect, nurture ­­and grow brands.

We ensure where every project has clearly defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Net Promoter Score (NPS) targets and other metrics.

We conduct brand reviews to ensure the continual monitoring of its performance.  And we manage data collection to ensure accurate, real time verification of consumer information.

Brand Strategy

We assimilate business, market, competitor and consumer data into the functional, inspirational and aspirational benefits of the brand. Read More

We develop insight and opportunity hypotheses for the brand and test this with workshops and idea generation sessions.

This learning results in a Brand Platform model, which is a tool to capture and define brand values and personality.

Brand Verbal Identity

We create verbal identity and messaging systems to project the brand’s distinctive tone of voice through all communication channels. Read More

We devise and conduct tone of voice workshops to help implement the brand’s new voice. We develop brand-naming systems, ensuring brand architectures are clear.

And we develop the brand narrative - the stories to be told about the brand including an approach for how to generate and deliver messaging and content. Read More

Brand Journey

We dramatise the customer journey and touch-points by developing a unique story structure, capturing what we see, do, hear, feel and understand at every stage. Read More

This structure incorporates a plan for delivering media content throughout that journey, determining how the brand is experienced and what technology and tools best serve the narrative.

We explore the role of people in storytelling and interaction. Developing the means to extend relationships through knowledge transfer and creating compelling reasons to stay involved.

Brand Innovation Design

Brand Design

We design the core elements - from colour to type to logo - that when combined form a unique branding system. Read More

We develop the concepts for brand packaging across an entire range, from 3D modelling, print testing and prototype production.

And we develop a design approach and guidelines to create a consistent brand experience across all media and target groups.

Brand Communication

We develop the messaging and content to ensure consistent communication of the brand through all channels. Read More

We research, write, and produce content for print, digital and film media.

Designing the creative expression of the brand in 2D & 3D environments plus digital, film and audio media.

Brand Digital Design

From websites to apps to social media and from full design to implementation, we develop the concepts for bringing a brand alive in the digital world. Read More

Brand Environment

We design Brand Spaces aligned with the brand positioning and desired customer journey. Read More

We also develop the ergonomics and touch-points of how each element is experienced, designed around the audience’s wants and needs.

Brand Implementation

Brand Implementation

We develop strategies for the introduction of new brands. Read More

This includes a plan for Creative Implementation and Roll Out, Brand Documentation for the Identity System and Digital & AV media plus online brand guidelines.

We also capture and store these brand assets physically or digitally.

Our services include internal and external launches of new initiatives, campaigns products and brands, Brand & Product Immersion, Consumer Launch Campaigns, Viral Marketing & Social Media and New Market Introductions.

Brand Engagement

We develop engagement plans and delivery programmes for business partners and their employees. Read More

These include: Experiential Consumer Engagements, Customer Events and Conferences, C-Level Thought Leadership and Tradeshow / Exhibits.

Brand Alignment

We help align all aspects of the business and its people to ensure delivery of the promised brand experience. Read More

This includes internal brand building programmes, communications and staff brand engagement to align key people behind the brand promise. Services include: Internal Brand building & Employee Communications, Brand Change Culture, Customer Service Optimisation and Channel Marketing.

Brand Experience

We create high profile exhibitions and conferences, road-shows, mobile marketing campaigns and enhanced retail experiences. Read More

We design Brand Centres including brand spaces, visitor centres and venues.

And we offer sponsorship advice and activation services. And we create online experiences and immersive, Interactive and touch-screen technology solutions. Services include: Brand Behaviour Definition, Touch Point Audit & Analysis, Customer Experience Design and Retail Experience Design.

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