SAR brings Medina closer to Mecca

The last day of the year saw an exciting new start for Saudi Arabian Railways (SAR). On December 31, the first full journey of the high-speed train connecting the two great Holy sites of Medina and Mecca over 450km.

High-profile passengers travelling on this inaugural journey included President-designate of the Saudi Railway Organization Dr. Rumaih Al-Rumaih (the head of the public transport authority), Spanish Ambassador Alvaro Iranzo, the chief executive of SAR, Dr. Bashar Al-Malik, and other national leaders contributing to the project.

One of the nation’s mega public transportation projects linking the two Holy Mosques of Makkah and Madinah, it is a key strategic infrastructure for the nation’s 2030 vision.

The Aeron team were instrumental in creating the SAR brand as a symbol of national pride in 2013; conducting Brand Research & Analysis, developing the Brand Strategy, Brand Narrative & Verbal Identity, Brand Journey & Brand Interaction, Brand Corporate Design, Brand Digital Design & Management, Brand Communication & Content, and Brand Environments. We produced a mini documentary series for SAR, when it launched in 2013:

Source: Arab News


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