Britvic adds another Zero to soft drinks

One of the biggest trends to hit soft drinks in the last few years, is nothing. Or at least the number that represents it.

Ever since the launch of Coca-Cola’s ‘manlier’ alternative to Diet Coke, zero has been a big number for beverages.

Zero‘ variants stretch across all Coca-Cola and Lucozade brands and the new ZERoh! water range are all keen to tap into health-conscious consumers.


Britvic have now added a new twist to the Zero mix, stretching the claim to alcohol as well as the other demons of sugar, salt and/or calories.

Sponsorship of Alcohol Concern’s Zero Alcohol Awards earlier this year, showed Britvic’s intent to give Zero fresh meaning.

With 7up Free Mojito and J2O already behind the bar as adult-friendly soft drinks, now their new NPD innovation arm, WiseHead Productions, has brought the launch of a ‘zero-proof’ drink, Thomas & Evans No.1.


Zero-proof drinks are an emerging category of drinks that are made with the same processes as alcoholic beverages, but without the alcohol. With more studies reporting the health dangers of alcohol, this could be a big new trend as Britvic reaching out to the conscientious adult ‘non’-drinker in a market drowned in syrupy sweet alternatives to alcohol.

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