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Itriom – Digital platform creation

Itriom – Digital platform creation


Itriom, a specialist global impact platform, is committed to guiding Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) families towards creating a better world. By fostering a shared purpose among family members, Itriom empowers them to effect lasting positive change in society.


Itriom’s ambition is to deliver a seamless, ultra-secure platform, enabling leading principals, their families, and the Next Generation to engage in meaningful dialogues surrounding legacy and impact. Itriom’s invitation-only platform serves as a single solution for family offices to develop a comprehensive family charter, linking purpose, initiatives, and legacy. Within this platform, families can connect with their Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) ambitions and have a dedicated space to define, drive, and measure progress in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and SDG initiatives.



This digital platform delivered on a secure web-based SaaS technology for collaboration, information management and knowledge sharing all in one place, was designed to serve as an exclusive hub for UHNW families. It enabled a digital transformation for advisory services, by utilising Itriom’s platform technology to collate data from families and feeding it into sets of expertly defined framework to generate meaningful insights about a family’s values and goals.

Moreover, it allowed families to construct a family charter that intricately linked their purpose, initiatives, and legacy, thereby fostering deep and meaningful conversations. Collaborating with experts in sustainability, wealth management, and human behaviour, Itriom created a proprietary values configurator, providing each family with a personalised approach to their impact endeavours.

Furthermore, the platform featured a bespoke impact dashboard that not only tracked the progress of sustainable initiatives but also presented analytics in a humanistic and easily accessible manner for all generations within the family. The platform’s ambition was to serve as a transformative catalyst, empowering families to navigate the complex landscape of wealth management while making a positive impact on the world. It positioned Itriom as a visionary leader in redefining the role and purpose of family offices in today’s society.



The implementation of Itriom’s innovative platform yielded significant and transformative results. Firstly, the platform streamlined the process of collecting crucial data from individuals within the family. This not only facilitated a more unified understanding but also provided a centralised repository for valuable information.

Beyond this, Itriom’s platform brought about profound procedural and cultural shifts within family offices. It empowered families to adopt a more forward-thinking and impactful approach to wealth management, leading to a fundamental transformation in how these offices are run in the long term.

By facilitating a transition towards ‘wealth for good’, Itriom distinguished itself as a catalyst for positive change in the realm of family office dynamics. This shift not only optimised operational efficiency but also instilled a renewed sense of purpose and direction among families, ultimately enhancing their collective ability to drive meaningful impact in the world.

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