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Completing the Puzzle


Advance Electronics Company or AEC is a Saudi company that specializes in advanced electronics research and manufacturing for defense, communication, energy, security IT and health IT.

AEC’s Marhaba program which is run by its Human Resources Department is an employee induction program to assist a new hire during its first 3 months of employment in the familiarization of the company’s general policies, in an employee’s respective department’s policies and workflow and in getting the proper briefings and trainings the employee would need to perform his duties and responsibilities according to AEC’s standards.

AEC’s HR Department provides all new hires with a Marhaba kit which contains the induction manual and other branded gifts like pen and usb flash memory stick.

AEC hired Charisma to redesign the Marhaba kit to give it a more updated look.


Create an updated design that as per the client brief, would appeal to a younger audience.


Using the puzzle as an analogy, Charisma developed a theme for the brochure. In the same way that each piece of the puzzle, distinctive in color and shape in itself from the other pieces but when put together with the other pieces, it completes the picture is the analogy that each employee is unique with his/her own skills and characteristics but nevertheless contributes to the wellbeing of the company.

Charisma, for this theme that used vibrant colours, infographics and images that brings to life the concept of puzzle.


The design was well-received by the new employees and the management alike

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