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Building Memories Made To Last

Ajwad is a Makkah-based real estate company that specialises in residential complex and land development projects. With a new property in Madinah, a 48-villa townhouse complex, that was near completion, Ajwad hired us to develop a concept and create a design for a brochure that would showcase the property’s specifications and highlight its benefits. For this property, Ajwad’s target market is affluent retirees. The property is being sold as retirement homes.

The location of this property, Madinah City is known as the city of gentle people. It is a historical city, where many significant events took place and a host to one of Islam’s holiest site, the Prophet’s Mosque, thus a major Islam’s pilgrim destination.

The main objective is to develop a concept that relates to retirees and convey a picture of serenity, of a well-deserved retirement home, highlighting comfort, contemporary architecture, accessibility and space flexibility for customisation in terms of interior decoration; all of these in addition to and supporting it’s main selling point: it’s a prime location in the city of Madinah.


To convey the message that it is a place where new memories can be made, We named the property “Memories” and developed the tagline “Building memories made to last”. The first few pages of the brochure were allotted for Ajwad’s profile, Madinah’s profile and the “Memories” concept.

For the cover, we placed a die-cut of the repeated tagline to convey transparency (what you see is what you get) and ‘seeing through’ a bright future awaiting inside the pages.

For the floor plan, we meticulously selected images of furniture and other decorative elements to help the target audience visualise the different spaces in the villa.


The concept and design enabled the client, Ajwad Real Estate, to communicate the idea that more than just selling properties, they are selling dreams and they are selling a lifestyle.

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