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A Complete Welcome – Al Waseel

Al Waseel Resort

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Time For A Change 



Nestled amongst Riyadh’s rugged desert landscape Al Waseel is a wellness spa & resort set in a secluded conservation reserve intended for those seeking a rejuvenating retreat to serenity.


Our ambition for Al Waseel was for it to be valued by Riyadh’s leaders in life as the most progressive, authentic and serene wellness spa & resort of choice.


Borne out of the spirit of Al Waseel, the land, it’s people and it’s eternal connections we sought about creating a brand & identity for the resort that would encapsulate it’s timeless values just like the unique fossils that can be found in it’s environs.


Having created an entirely new brand and identity we crafted a beautifully elegant bespoke symbol, wordmark and visual system that represent the Al Waseel’s ongoing commitment to luxury, refinement and sophistication.


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