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Cevalon. Ushering in a new era of elite private and corporate concierge

At your service: Ushering a new era in elite private and corporate concierge, chauffeur, travel and lifestyle management services.


Today, our journeys through life are more complex and intricate than ever. Even for the world’s most accomplished citizens, smooth and successful progress in business, life, nation or family is a constantly evolving challenge.


Munich based Cevalon clearly understands every aspect of this challenge, with its newly expanded service offering, which provides elite private and corporate concierge, chauffeur, travel and lifestyle management services to the world’s most influential people, their businesses and families.

In order to prepare Cevalon for their next chapter of successful growth, our task was to create a clear brand positioning strategy, develop a relevant service offering, create an international marketing strategy – and finally bring this thinking to life creatively.


Cevalon’s corporate and personal clients value their emphasis on intuitively anticipating, understanding and delivering exactly what every moment demands. Often before their clients know it themselves. We centred our thinking on Cevalon’s extraordinary know-how and exemplary service which puts their clients at ease and at home wherever they are in the world. This sense of purpose became central to our work which encompassed brand definition, brand values, a new comprehensive brand architecture system and service offering.


Our strategic work culminated in a refreshed visual and verbal identity system, a new digital ecosystem with an entirely new fully functional responsive user-friendly website built with WordPress CMS, mobile and tablet digital platforms, SEO consultancy, plus the design and production of a premium brochure to be utilised for international marketing. The feedback has been tremendously positive to-date and is contributing to increased demand for Cevalon’s services.



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