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Cevalon: SEO Case Study

At your service: Ushering a new era in elite private and corporate concierge, chauffeur, travel and lifestyle management services.


Cevalon wanted to grow their online presence within the European and Middle Eastern market. In our early engagement days with the client, our deep research into the current landscape of the industry lead us to the knowledge that our client’s main competitors have already created a strong presence for themselves within those targeted spaces.

Cevalon were looking to increase the authority of their domain and enhance their overall visibility in the SERPs, becoming the go-to place for all things elite private and corporate concierge, chauffeur, travel and lifestyle management services.


Given the challenges presented to us, our recommended strategy for Cevalon chose to supplement our ongoing SEO activity with content production. The defining factor in the success of this strategy would hinge on our ability to produce compositions that were: high-quality, engaging, strategically frequent, keyword driven, and optimised for SEO.

With our main focus here on technical search engine optimisation (SEO), we could ensure that there would be an increase in organic traffic towards the Cevalon site, and that it would be as technically sound as as possible.


We were successful in increasing the domain’s visibility in the organic search engine results. We were able to rank Cevalon 1st on several keyword searches are frequently used within the luxury travel industry. The well executed SEO strategy yielded a 36.36% increase in new users and an increase of 173.08% improvement in google SERP inside of one month with our planned approach.

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