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Bringing Luxury Digital Engagement and Social Media to Cevalon

At your service: Ushering a new era in elite private and corporate concierge, chauffeur, travel and lifestyle management services.


The main objective of this digital engagement campaign was to give Cevalon more exposure online by using the various digital tools and strategy practices available, to drive more traffic to the website as well as showcasing and promoting their unique services and offerings.

The Activities

1. Website Enhancements
2. Social Media Management
3. Newsletter

Website Enhancements

To improve the potential client engagement on the Cevalon website we added a live chat feature and a popup form, allowing visitors to join Cevalon’s exclusive mailing list.

Social Media Management

We focused on growing the social audience and follower base through: hashtag campaigns, strong use of keywords, sharing relevant news, and articles and staying updated within your industry, and contributing our unique content with relevant images to broaden reach.

We also focused on sharing Cevalon’s service offering and knowledge within the industry through branded engagement to raise awareness and increase their social media presence.

Engagement Analysis

Taking on this project meant having to start from zero and creating a presence for Cevalon across the dominant social media platforms that are frequented by Cevalon’s target demographic. Over a short space of time, our activity proved to be effective in creating a notable rise in online engagement. Our content successfully yielded 2,700% increase in unique users through social media and an 80% growth in followers.

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