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As a competitive sports woman Cathy Wood was a member of the GB diving team and also a medal winner in the Iron Man Triathlon, a sport which she competed in at European and World levels. Both a former GB athlete and Daily Mail Journalist, Cathy came to us looking for a fresh perspective and a re-brand for her social media consultancy.

With Cathy’s strong passions for sport, communication and empowering young people to have a voice, we wanted to create an engaging, youthful brand that would appeal to young people and athletes alike but which still reflected her significant sporting and journalistic credentials.

Through strategic positioning and working closely with Cathy herself, we developed an exciting new corporate identity with a bespoke graphic system for use across both print and digital ecosystems.

Having created the ‘Matchstick’ brand for Cathy we have now implemented the new corporate identity on a fully responsive website which can be seen here:

Matchstick Laptops





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