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Retail Design and Brand Environments Grand Mills

Grand Mills

Retail Design and Brand Environments for Grand Mills


Agthia is a leading Abu Dhabi based food & beverage company.  And proud to be known for providing high quality, trusted, and
 essential food and beverage products to customers and consumers alike across the UAE, GCC, Turkey and the wider Middle East.

Set up in 1978, Grand Mills was formed to help the UAE nation achieve food security. Initially flour and silo based, animal feeds followed in 1981 to become Grand Mills Flour and Feed. Both activities were incorporated into Agthia when it was established in 2004.


Agthia is justly proud of the Grand Mills name, and the reputation the business has grown, both for high quality healthy flours, foods and innovative, high quality, value for money animal feeds.

The ambition was to move away from a shared vision, to a company with a sharper, specialised focus on the industry issues and demands that matter to its customers most. Following a thorough rebrand which we led, the ambition was to develop a strategy to effectively bring the revitalised brand to life in a retail context.


The Grand Mills Feed business was re-invented and revitalised as Agrivita in 2014 and thus came the opportunity to reinvigorate the Grand Mills brand.

The vision and brand proposition is to move ‘beyond flour’ to provide a committed and commercial service, offer wide ranging innovation, delivered through a team of experts and an evolving high performing and extensive product range.

Following extensive research, competitive analysis and mapping relevant customer journeys we developed a full concept tool-kit for retail and wider brand environments plus consumer in-store communications.



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