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Aeron Case Study - QiO Website Homepage


QiO Technologies is a fast-growing software engineering and data science business focussed on industrial optimisation. Since launching in February 2015, QiO has grown rapidly with it’s NAUTILIAN platform more than proving itself as a highly valuable asset for customers.

The QiO team combine agile software development and data science expertise with extensive ‘Industry 4.0’ knowledge. Collectively and as individuals, the team has been at the forefront of developments in industrial optimisation in recent years at leading major multinational players.


As a pioneer of Industry 4.0 and leading the drive to realise the potential for the Internet of Things, QiO needed a cutting edge, dynamic identity and set of values that firmly positioned them at the head of the new generation of innovative software solutions providers.


After assessing the competitive landscape with a comparator audit, and doing some internal market research we were able to pick out the existing identity’s core strengths and craft a much clearer identity that was unambiguous about the brand’s name and what it stood for. From a launchpad of “liberating engineering talent” we developed the value proposition of “Imaginative; Liberating; Involving” to reaffirm QiO’s commitment to working together to empower everyone in the QiO family to keep reinventing and pushing the boundaries of possibility.


We delivered a range of services, including a comparator audit, proposition, tone of voice and refreshed visual identity across all key touch points. The new identity featured a reshaped logo and distinctive patterns and icons tailored specifically for QiO. This was most celebrated in the launch of a new, dynamic website and url – – and is also proudly shaping QiO’s technical white papers and presentations.


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