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Beyond the Sea


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Formed by a Royal Decree in 1978 as the National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia, Bahri, has grown from a small shipping firm operating multipurpose vessels to become one of the biggest shipping conglomerates in the world.

Bahri continues to strive for continuous improvement and expansion of its services in the global logistics industry.


As the company expanded and added new services to its offer, it became necessary to review the brand architecture, to ensure there was a system in place to accommodate all Bahri international and regional businesses, new brands, acquisitions and endorsements of existing and potentially new products and services.


We were tasked with creating a compelling, enhanced Bahri Visual Identity System to fit their business and brand strategies and give fresh life to the identity developed previously for the company’s renaming from the National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia.


We developed a new bi-lingual word mark, an enhanced graphic device and a brand architecture system that could be used in a variety of applications across all Bahri services.

A comprehensive bi-lingual logo suite was provided along with detailed usage guidelines for the roll-out of the brand.

After the successful roll-out of the refreshed identity, we have continued to support Bahri through international trademark advice and registration and with strategic consulting on the branding and identity of joint ventures and partnered endeavours.

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