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For the more in you

Eastway Bikes


Cycling isn’t just about getting from A-B, neither is it about being better than the rest and winning the next race. It’s about personal achievement, enjoyment and experience of riding just for ridings sake. It’s the constant challenge to yourself to be better, push yourself harder and cycle to places you’ve never been before.


Eastway wants to be the brand that inspires and motivates our riders to get more out of themselves and their cycling. A bike that lets you ride harder and further, going places you never could before and pushing yourself to be better.


We conducted a rigorous comparator audit and developed key insights for the brand which led to brand’s positioning, proposition of “for the more in you” and then brought this to life through a direct and motivational tone of voice, and a differentiated visuals identity system and full communications suite from advertising, POS and digital applications.


Having created a new strategic platform and a visual identity, we are now in the implementation stage. 


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