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Brand is action

By Matthew Millard-Beer

A brand is not just a logo. It is every single thing your business does.

We believe advocacy drives growth.

We believe brands must engage with their customers. They need to conduct conversations, inspire loyal communities, create dialogues and sustain meaningful relationships.

Brands are about choice and value. And ultimately about delivering their promise  of a clearly defined, consistent, relevant, rewarding and differentiated experience.

A brand is a living business asset, experienced at every point people meet it.

An asset that can be managed – creating a strong identity, setting the business apart from its competition and increasing its value.

Obviously, value means different things to different people. From a consumer perspective it’s the promise and delivery of an experience. From a business perspective it is the security of future earnings.

Behaving consistently makes a brand strong. Every time a consumer sees, hears, does business with an organisation, they must feel they’re meeting and talking to the same company. And to one they like and trust. This will build confidence in the business and help it succeed.

Constant brand innovation is essential to stay relevant and ahead. A combination of robust strategy, compelling creativity and outstanding delivery are required to deliver commercial gain. Out-performance requires out-thinking and out-execution of a better experience.

Ultimately we believe brand is action.

Brand is action 

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