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Al Ain Water

Agthia’s Consumer Business Division is responsible for the management, distribution and marketing of several food and beverage brands manufactured in Agthia-owned operations located in the UAE Egypt and Turkey.

Their water and beverage portfolio includes: Al Ain Water. Established as an initiative of His Highness the Late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the company produces one of the leading bottled water brands in the UAE.

Agthia wanted to create a clear, relevant, differentiated market leading proposition and compelling visual identity system for Al Ain Water as a “better” national water brand across the UAE. Agthia’s ambition was to be the No.1 brand of choice in Abu Dhabi and a Top 3 Brand across all other Emirates.

Encompassing the Al Jahili Fort and the green of the Garden City of Al Ain (literally ‘The Spring’), we wanted to utilise the strong heritage and tradition of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to create a contemporary graphic style to give Al Ain consistency and market leadership in the UAE.

With this historic water brand, we were able to embody Agthia’s vision for wholehearted living and build on their outstanding reputation for providing the best quality of drinking water for the UAE.

With our newly refreshed core elements of the Al Ain brand we created the strategic foundation to bring the brand to life via compelling communications that make Al Ain distinctive and instantly recognisable.

Al Ain is now the number 1 bottled water brand in the UAE, holding the highest market share in its segment by both volume (24.5%) and value (22.7%), according to the latest data from AC Nielsen.




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