Project Boomerang takes flight

Project Boomerang by CIAAD & the UNSDG

London Brand Agency Aeron Managing Partner Matthew Millard-Beer will be presenting “brand and branding beyond Covid-19” via webinar on October 13, 2020.

The Project Boomerang Webinar is quickly becoming the most wonderful example of the global leaders of the creative world in which we live inspiring the students and our colleagues who have been challenged during this pandemic. On behalf of them, and all of us at CIAAD, we thank you dearly. We are approaching 96 speakers from over 30 countries, over 40 universities and colleges, and over a dozen language.

CIAAD – Council for International Accreditation of Architecture & Design

Is an international professional accreditation platform, endorsed and affiliated with the world’s most prestigious organizations in the fields of design, standardization and design education. CIAAD seeks the integration of design disciplines under one umbrella, hence ensuring a holistic approach to design education as well as the continuous development of the architecture and design professions worldwide, with a particular focus on the integration and engagement with the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals.

2020 continues to be an extraordinary year requiring exceptional measures. It is an important time for the world, and especially those in the creative community charged with sculpting the world in which we live. The creative community is so often called upon to identify new solutions and provide direction in times of uncertainty and this is particularly apt now.

At CIAAD we have designed a new program that will reach out to the architecture and design students of the world in a gesture of unity, providing inspiration and starting conversations about what the future could look like.

Called the Project Boomerang Webinar, it is an exciting format whereby speakers will make a short 6.5min presentation, in a pechakucha style (20 slides @ 20 seconds per slide). All presentations will be in English, followed by a short Q&A, or the same presentation can be made in the native language of the presenter where applicable. Making this a mutli-lingual webinar maximizing diversity and accessibility.

The event will run for 24 hours as it circles the globe, starting in Dubai and heading West, before returning to Dubai a day later. There are a total of 96 speakers from all disciplines of the creative world.

Through the webinar we want to join the world of architecture and design students, academia and industry to provide direction and inspiration with ideas of what our world might look like post-COVID, and how the engagement with the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals is prioritized to build a better future

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Time: Oct 13, 2020 10:30 AM Dubai

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