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Play. Develop. Grow.



Harting Pre-School is an outstanding rated school in Hampshire, that aims to provide children from 18 months of age with a warm and caring environment where they can learn and develop as they play.


The school needed to update its identity with something modern and playful to reflect its provision of a stimulating and safe environment that encourages learning and independence to prepare children for the school years ahead. The required identity needed to be welcoming and reassuring, but also unique and optimistic, to inspire the children and their future ambitions.


After a careful audit of similar schools and organisations, we consulted with key stakeholders to establish the values and aspirations of the brand. We presented a variety of designs that challenged the school on its brand positioning against other schools in the area, and refined the preferred route based on feedback from the school’s key stakeholders.

We created a logo-suite, website concept and guidebook for the school to start using the new identity.


The final identity took the green from the earlier brand, but made it more friendly and contemporary by using a softer tone. The added injection of colour through the leaves was to communicate the diversity of learning and ambition that the school provides its children.

The symbol was devised to incorporate the H of Harting into a tree of knowledge, creating a distinctive, ownable mark. Used in isolation or alongside the paint brush-style wordmark, the new symbol shows Harting Pre-School as both playful and dependable.

We like the use of colour, especially the green tones. We liked the ‘H’ Tree and the idea that the ‘H’ could be used on its own without the full logo and still be a clear representation.” Harting Pre-School

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